-- Appraisal Services --
We offer a comprehensive package of residential appraisal services designed to meet your underwriter's specifications.
-- Property and Title Solutions --
Get a complete picture of the property and owner status with our property and title solutions.
-- Flood Zone Determinations --
Our extensive flood zone compliance offerings provide fast and reliable national coverage from our top flood providers.
-- Smart Closing System (SCS)--


At EZLoanClose, it's our goal to utilize technology to empower every aspect of our business. As a result,  all of our real estate closing services have the ability to provide you with technology-based solutions and products designed to streamline and speed up your everyday tasks. This same technology allows our team to communicate faster and more accurately with your business.

Technology plays a key role in our real estate closing services. Your unique loan closing requirements are configured specifically to fit your needs. Our loan closing services utilize our robust technology to offer you a unique solution to match your business needs.

SCS or Smart Closing System, utilizes a sophisticated workflow automation engine that accepts orders from your internal loan origination system or the Internet. These orders are electronically transmitted into the SCS system, processed and electronically transmitted to predetermined vendors and back to the customer. SCS was designed and implemented internally utilizing the our state of the art technology. 

Our vendors are e-commerce enabled which allows them to receive orders electronically and transmit full documents back to us, including photographs of the property. 



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