-- Appraisal Services--
We offer a comprehensive package of residential appraisal services designed to meet your underwriter's specifications.
-- Property and Title Solutions --
Get a complete picture of the property and owner status with our property and title solutions.
-- Flood Zone Determinations --
Our extensive flood zone compliance offerings provide fast and reliable national coverage from our top flood providers.
Total Loan Closing Solutions
Proxy Systems serves as a single source solution for lenders that want to streamline their real estate closing process. Our products and services are delivered quickly and our customer service is second to none. We offer comprehensive flood, appraisal, credit and title services.
Our easy to use, start to finish solutions are perfect for traditional lenders, mortgage brokers and  real estate professionals. Our Smart Closing System (SCS) can ensure that the proper products are ordered based on various loan parameters that you dictate. SCS is optional but can be customized to fit your particular closing needs.
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