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Welcome to Your One Stop Shop For All Your Loan Closing Needs. No more jumping between multiple software programs or web sites to process mortgage and equity loans. EZLoanClose allows lenders to order multiple services through a single easy-to-use web-based system, utilizing vendors of your choice.
-- The Fastest Way To Close --
Process and close loans within hours of application at a reduced cost while minimizing risk! Utilizing revolutionary processes and bundled services. Gain a competitive edge and close more loans!
-- Total Settlement Solutions --
Appraisals, AVMs,Title Services,  Flood Certifications,Loan Filing Services, Loan Closing Services
-- Smart Closing System (SCS) --
Our Smart Closing System uses artificial intelligence to utilize a customized menu of predetermined products and vendors to fit every loan situation. Ask us about our  efficient and risk free system!

 Helping You Reach Your Goals

Our primary objective is to bring you value. From innovative products and services that accelerate the loan closing process to cutting-edge technology that provides you with a more efficient way to work. We are committed to enhancing your ability to be a competitive industry leader. 

Reduce Costs, Save Time, Close More Loans

Technology To Empower You

Utilizing our technology will help empower your business. Our suite of real estate closing services deliver a robust technology based solution designed to streamline and speed up your everyday tasks. This same technology allows our team to communicate faster and more accurately with your business.


 Quality That Earns Loyalty

We pride ourselves on providing you with the highest quality information, products and customer service in the industry. We constantly monitor every facet of our business to ensure we are meeting stringent quality control and compliance standards. We strive to deliver quality products and service you can rely on.