-- Appraisal Services --
We offer a comprehensive package of residential appraisal services designed to meet your underwriter's specifications.
-- Property and Title Solutions --
Get a complete picture of the property and owner status with our property and title solutions.
-- Flood Zone Determinations --
Our extensive flood zone compliance offerings provide fast and reliable national coverage from our top flood providers.
-- Loan Closing Service  --



Proxy Systems provides closing management services nationwide. We offer a unique, managed approach to providing closing management services, all under one roof. Proxy Systems deals directly with our national closing agent networks. This approach, unlike that of more traditional providers, eliminates multiple "hand-offs" and allows Proxy Systems to provide the industry’s fastest and most consistently accurate delivery with less frustration for you.

-- Closing Products and Services --






·Purchase Closing



· Refinance Closing


· Closing with a Property Report

· Witness Only Closing


· Mobile Notary Service


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